MM Gerdau is a Brazilian museum that presents the universe of metals and minerals.
At 3bits
MM Gerdau - Museum of Mines and Metal is home to an important collection of mining and metallurgy, two of the main economic activities in the state of Minas Gerais, and needed a new website to introduce itself to the world, attract new visitors, promote its cultural programming and schedule visits.
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Besides giving a taste of MM Gerdau's attractions, the site is responsible for announcing the museum's cultural agenda, scheduling visits and also enables the user to sign up for its upcoming events.
The museum anywhere
The mosaic based layout was intended to make the site modular. In this way, it was easier to reorganize and adapt its components, no matter the screen size.
Creative Director: Herbert Rafael
UX Designer: Gabriel Félix
Jr. Designer: Sullivan Henrique
My Role: Product/Visual Design