Led is a fashion brand who believes anyone can be whatever they want.
Fashion designer Célio Dias asked me to help him to create a new identity for his clothing company. More than a simple redesign, we develop and establish a brand concept that encompasses the vision and purpose of Led: transcending the binary paradigm that labels and imprisons our society, helping to promote and celebrate freedom of choice and embrace diversity.
Breaking duality
The concept of the brand starts with a triangle, a direct reference to the trapeze dress, a shape commonly depicted in Led collections. From it, its meaning is explored based on some philosophical currents that consider the triangle with sharp apex facing down, feminine symbol, and the opposite, masculine symbol. Later, the studies with triangles gave birth to the Led symbol: a star.
Despite the relationship, it is important to note that the concept is not limited only to the gender issue. Therefore, it is also a reference to any preset binary pattern, whereby by means of labels and stereotypes, a culture or society defines that something or someone should fit into one thing or another and still stipulate a side as “better” or “correct”. In this way, the concept and objective of the brand are mainly to transcend this dichotomy.
Led: Célio Dias, Tiago Divino
My Role: Branding, Product/Visual Design