Here Comes the Sun

To celebrate the Global Beatles Day (June 25th) I developed an audio visualization with one of my favorite Beatles's song. It was initially made with Processing and later converted to JavaScript using p5.js library.

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Reborn Igorrr

Recently I started to venture into learning Houdini. This is one of the small experiments I create while studying it. Unfortunately, my computer is so outdated that it took three days to render only 12 seconds of video – not even HD :( – that I just gave up exporting the whole song.

Clubbed to Death

I love the Matrix movie and Clubbed to Death is probably one of the best soundtrack ever, which means I had to do some audio viz with it. Made with Processing, a mix of the music's frequency and random events changes the visual.

10 print

10 print is a BASIC program for the Commodore 64 that despite being made by only one line of code (10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10) generates a complex maze due to its random aspect. I discovered this algorithm in my research on generative design, which led me to the fascinating book 10 PRINT.

I became very interested about the simplicity (and primitiveness) of the code and decided to recreate it while studying Processing. Later, I had fun adding a song and even a potentiometer (via Arduino) as influencing variables of this little experiment.

8 AudioViz

A small project in which you can drag and drop an audio file and listen to it while seeing an – literally – infinite animation. Unfortunately, no one listens to mp3 anymore since streaming music is so amazing. I should do a new version using SoundCloud’s API.

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Awesome Audio Viz

If you have come this far you should have realized that I really like music visualization. Based on this, a friend invited me to collaborate with a list of amazing links and materials about audio viz on GitHub. I took the opportunity to create a small generative logo to illustrate it.

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