3bits is a digital born agency focused on design, strategy and technology.
At 3bits
After years of being seen just as a digital design production company, 3bits needed a new face to consolidate its new brand positioning: a consulting company that, in addition to excellence in execution, is able to meet several other needs of its clients and the market, like strategy and product development.
It's full of stars
We did benchmarking and collected content and images that inspired us. In this way, it was easy to define a new brand concept based on the essence of what defines 3bits: amazing people who dream high and see potential beyond.
All hail the Content
3bits's website is its gateway to the universe. Its layout was developed to presenting the company, value its editorial content (articles about areas of interest of its collaborators) and case studies of developed works. In this way, the website becomes a strong tool for attracting leads in an organic way.
Creative Director: Herbert Rafael
My Role: Branding, Product/Visual Design, Three.js